Epo-chem™ RZ 500P

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Two pack solvent-based epoxy primer.

Epo-chem™ RZ 500P is a fast drying, holding primer which has been specifically designed to protect blasted surfaces from immediate rusting.

Primary Features:

  • Fast drying, holding primer
  • Protects blasted surfaces from immediate rusting
  • No overcoating limitations
  • Excellent anti-corrosive effect
  • Exceptional adhesion on metal surfaces
  • User-friendly and easy to apply
  • Recommended for all blasted metal surfaces, such as structure, tanks and pipes etc

Data Sheets

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RZ 500P's Properties

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Primary duties Holding primer
Primary characteristics Low viscosity, fast drying
Low/No odour  
Maximum humidity 90%
Volume solids 30%
UV resistant  
Maximum immersed temperature °C
Maximum non-immersed temperature °C
Minimum time to touch dry 30 mins
Maximum overcoat time Unlimited
Typical dry film thickness (dft) per coat 15µ
Colour range available Limited range of colours is available