Easi-flor™ RX 800

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Two pack, water-based epoxy floor coating.

Easi-flor™ RX 800 is a solvent-free, water-based flooring system suitable for application in environments where solvents would be hazardous or have a detrimental affect upon the operating process of products.


Primary Features:

  • Multi-purpose, solvent-free (low odour), water-based floor coating
  • Very adaptable and user-friendly
  • Long pot life and short drying time provides optimum benefits of productivity and reduced downtime to both client and contractor
  • Safe, easy to use floor coating
  • System does not yellow
  • Can be formulated for walls or ceilings
  • Ideal for hygienic environments
  • Can be applied to concrete, metal, wood, stone and tiled surfaces
  • Flooring system can be formulated for specialist application, offering anti-static, non-skid or anti-slip finish.
  • Recommended for hospitals, public utilities, food processing industry (e.g. abattoirs) and clean-rooms (particularly electronics industry).


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RX 800's Properties

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Primary duties Floor coating
Primary characteristics Fast drying and good UV resistance
Food contact
UV resistant
Non skid & Anti-slip
Walls & ceilings
Minimum time to touch dry 30-40 mins
Low/No odour
Volume solids 60%
Anti-static/Conductive version available
Maximum humidity 70%

RX 800's Case Histories

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Company Location Job Description Industry Date of Job
Furnace & Induction Heat Treatments Airdrie, Scotland Industrial Flooring Industrial 08/2017
Airdrie, Scotland Warehouse Flooring Industrial 07/2017
Airdrie, Scotland Warehouse Flooring Industrial 07/2017
Alcotec Belgium Floor Coating Industrial 02/2017
Coatings International Africa Durban, South Africa Floor Coating Industrial 01/2017

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