Chem-deck™ RB 800

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Two pack epoxy resin and hardener.

Chem-deck™ RB 800 is a solvent-free, self-levelling flooring system exhibiting exceptional non-skid and anti-slip properties which can be applied to almost all substrates.


Primary Features:

  • Solvent-free (odourless) flooring system
  • Versatile flooring system that can be applied on most substrates
  • Outstanding self-levelling capabilities
  • Extremely hardwearing and chemically resistant
  • Suitable flooring system for heavy traffic areass
  • Excellent hygienic and aesthetic characteristics providing an outstanding gloss finish
  • Flooring system can be formulated for specialist applications, e.g. anti-static, conductive coatings, non-skid and anti-slip finish


Data Sheets

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RB 800's Properties

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Primary duties Floor coating / self levelling
Primary characteristics Solvent-free
Food contact
UV resistant  
Non skid & Anti-slip
Walls & ceilings  
Minimum time to touch dry 32 hrs
Low/No odour
Volume solids 100%
Anti-static/Conductive version available
Maximum humidity 85%

RB 800's Case Histories

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The table below shows the 5 most recent case histories for this product. You can view the entire case history for this product by clicking here.

Company Location Job Description Industry Date of Job
Isola Werke UK UK Etch room - lining Industrial 06/2004
Isola Werke UK UK Etch room - lining Industrial 10/2001
Isola Werke UK UK Machine foundation Industrial 10/2001
Kemco Bulgaria Bulgaria Floor coating Industrial 09/2001
Kemco Bulgaria Bulgaria Industrial 04/2001

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