Underwater Coatings

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Chemco provide a choice of coatings for application underwater.  Chemco's two product ranges related to underwater application are Diver-cote™ and Pool-fix™.  Diver-cote™ is primarily designed for application across splash zones.  Pool-Fix™ is a modified version of Diver-cote™ for application in swimming pools when repair and maintenance is required.



This product has been designed to be applied underwater; for above and below splash zone and for repair of jetties, pilings and other steel and concrete subsea structures.


  • Ideal corrosion protection for large submerged structures.
  • No paint dispersion in water for eco friendly application; producing faster and cleaner applications.
  • Forms a very smooth, non-porous, paint-like finish.
  • High application rates can be achieved for large areas using power brush/roller.
  • Excellent abrasion and erosion resistance and can withstand severe physical stresses caused by wave action.
  • Cost effective solution compared to expensive cofferdam or other methods of underwater application.
  • Offers excellent adhesion to substandard surface preparation expected underwater.
  • Offers long-term maintenance-free protection. 

Applying Diver-cote™ under-water



This product range has been designed to be applied directly underwater with the minimum of surface preparation; it is ideal for repairing cracks, small leaks and grout repairs in swimming pools without the need to empty the pool.

The advantages of Pool-fix™ are:

  • Little or no product dispersion during application.
  • Forms a very smooth paint-like finish – can be coloured to match.
  • It is very easy to apply requiring very little surface preparation, no special training or equipment required.
  • Versions available for both crack and grouting repair.
  • Its smooth finish is not a scratch hazard to swimmers.
  • Huge cost reduction as the product cures underwater so the pool does not have to be emptied.
  • Can withstand the physical stresses caused by wave action.
  • Superb adhesion - “pull- off” tests when applied to wet substrates surpass 1350psi before cohesive failure.
  • Can adhere to most swimming pool surfaces including, tile, concrete, paints, etc.
  • It contains no solvent or styrene, making the products user and eco-friendly.