Absorber Sump Repair – South Korea

Client: Coal Fired Power Plant

Industry: Power Generation

Scope: FGDS Absorber Pump Repair

Date: May 2019

Location: South Korea

Products: RH 800 & RW 500


The FRP lining of the concrete sump within an FGDS absorber tower was suffering from delamination of the lining due to poor adhesion and abrasion from limestone slurry.

After repeated attempts to reline the sump, the client was looking for an alternative coating system which would provide effective long-term adhesion and abrasion resistance.


The concrete sump was situated within a confined space, making access and good working practices difficult to perform. Grit blasting was not permissible.

The refurbishment had to be completed within 6 days.


The lining was removed using a combination of water jetting and mechanical preparation with grinders. The damaged areas and cracks within the concrete were part-repaired with the necessary putties and injection systems.

One coat of solvent-free, wet tolerant concrete primer RH 800 was then applied. This was followed by one coat of solvent-free, glassflake epoxy Novolac RW 500.


The project was completed on time and in an efficient manner thanks to the time and cost-saving benefits of the chosen Chemco system.


RH 800 RW 500
  • Solvent-free
  • Solvent-free
  • Wet tolerant
  • Outstanding protection to metal and concrete substrates
  • No grit blasting required
  • No grit blasting required
  • Allows green concrete to be primed as soon as new concrete has set
  • Forms a durable barrier resistant to abrasion, erosion and thermal shock
  • Topcoat can be applied less than 36 hours after concrete has set
  • Provides excellent protection in high temperature and aggressive chemical environments
  • No humidity restrictions
  • No humidity restrictions
  • No additional ventilation required
  • No additional ventilation required
  • Ideal for application in confined spaces
  • Available in hand/trowel grades for optimum protection from the most aggressive environments
  • Excellent adhesion to compatible topcoats
  • May be applied on one or more coats to most substrates
damaged concrete in absorber sump

Original Conditions

applicator repairing damaged wall crack repairs

Undertaking Crack Repairs

applicators applying white chemco coating with roller

Applying RW 500

internal sump painted in grey

Completed Application

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