Ballast Tank and Holds Refurbishment
Dallington Bulk Carrier – Stephenson Clarke

Client: La carbier

Industry: Industrial

Scope: Lighthouse Refurbishment

Date: May 2017

Location: Jersey

Products: RH 800, RI 800CRS, RA 500M & RN 500TC

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Seawater had penetrated the structure completely, with water forming within the small air pockets found throughout the structure. The internal walls were also rotting and were continuously wet throughout the winter months. After trials were conducted with several products, it was found that the only suitable solution was Chemco.


OS05 - Flare Stack Refurbishment - Tartan Oil Platform - Talisman Energy

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The lighthouse had to be encapsulated due to the harsh weather conditions found next to the coast and to stop further water ingress. The encapsulation also ensured that no debris from the surface preparation procedures would contaminate the sea.


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All external cracks were opened up; resulting in the release of water held within the walls. Abrasive blasting was utilised as the surface preparation method.

One primer coat of Damp-creteTM RH 800 was applied over the entire concrete structure. All holes and cracks were then filled with Chem-concreteTM RI 800CRS.

One coat of solvent-free, wet tolerant epoxy Epo-chemTM RA 500M was then applied as an impermeable barrier before one high gloss topcoat of Fast-guardTM RN 500TC was applied.


  • Solvent-free solution
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High gloss finish
  • Excellent saltwater resistance
  • No project delays
  • Long-term maintenance-free protection




The project was completed within the given timeframe and to the complete satisfaction of all parties involved.

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More info – Surface Preparation Guide

In recent years the high cost and environmental impact of grit blasting has forced the industry to look at alternative surface preparation methods. Chemco’s innovative technology enables surfaces to be prepared via mechanical means or high pressure wet jetting.

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