Chemco Outperforms Competitors

The operators of an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico were dissatisfied with the performance of the coating system they were utilising to coat their stainless steel pipes. As a result, new paint trials for two alternative coating systems against their current system were carried out.

A system which offered high adhesion to stainless steel pipelines, with minimal surface preparation, in adverse weather conditions and in a very high humidity, was required.

To ensure that the conclusions drawn from the trials were accurate and comparable, the surface preparation method (mechanical) and the application conditions were to remain constant for all three systems.

Chemco’s solution was their unique wet & rust tolerant primer/finish Epo-chem™ RL 500PF. The current system would be applied in three coats, whilst the other alternative system would be applied in two coats.

Coating Comparison Table

Chemco System Alternative System Current System
Application Method Brush and roller Brush only Brush and roller
Number of Coats 1 2 3
Working Pot Life 60-90 mins 30-60 mins

1st: 30-80 mins

2nd: 4 hrs

3rd: 4 hrs

Overcoat Times Min. 5 hours to unlimited Min 2.5 hours

1st: 9-18 hrs

2nd: 4-8 hrs

Humidity/Dew Point Restrictions

No humidity or dew point restrictions Max: 85%/Steel temp: 5.C higher than dew

Max: 85%/Steel temp: 5.C higher than dew

Application Time 45 mins 1 hr 3 hrs
Ease of Application Easy to apply Hard to apply Easy to apply

The Chemco system was applied in the least number of coats, with the quickest application time and the longest pot life. There are also no humidity or dew point restrictions with Epo-chem™ RL 500PF.

Upon completion of the trial the client stated that their product of recommendation would be Chemco’s Epo-chem™ RL 500PF.

After two years of service, the project was inspected and the coating inspector stated that the Chemco system was still in perfect condition.

The result of this trial has not only shown that Chemco’s Epo-chem™ RL 500PF has the best overall performance, but is also the superior coating offering the following benefits:

  • Less number of required coats – primer/finish in one coat
  • Outstanding adhesion to stainless steel substrate
  • Longer working pot life
  • Quick overcoating times with no overcoating limitation
  • Can be applied in any environmental conditions – no humidity or dew point restrictions
  • Reduced application time
  • Wet & rust tolerant

Completed Application

row of thin internal stainless steel pipes in shade

Completed Application


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