Chemical Tank Refurbishment

Client: Chemical Tanker Owner

Industry: Marine

Scope: Chemical Tank Refurbishment

Date: March 2014

Location: Singapore

Products: RE 500P and RW 500


A chemical carrier belonging to a major shipping company had one of their vessels inspected in Singapore and it was found that the tank top areas of their chemical tanks, which had previously been coated with a phenolic epoxy system, had severely detached.


Grit blasting could not be used due to the location of the vessel at quayside. The project also had to be completed within one week to allow the vessel to pick up cargo within the chartering time.


Water-jetting (800-1000 bar) to WJ-2 standards was selected as the surface preparation method to be utilised. One stripe coat of solvent-free, rust tolerant Epo-chem™ RE 500P was then applied on a rusty surface, followed by one full coat of Epo-chem™ RE 500P. To complete the coating system, two full coats of solvent-free, glassflake epoxy topcoat Epo-chem™ RW 500 was applied.


The work program was successfully completed in 5 days and was overseen by Chemco Singapore’s technical department. Substantial time and cost savings were achieved to the satisfaction of the owners. The fast post curing was seen as a major advantage of this system. All cargo tanks were completed to class standard and certified accordingly.


• Solvent-free
• Excellent chemical and high temperature resistance
• No grit blasting
• Fast-curing and quick over-coating (faster application)
• Reduced contract duration and downtime
• Reduced H&S and Fire Precaution
• No major delays
• Ease of decontamination (no cargo contamination)
• High gloss finish

rusted chemical tank floor with metal piping

Before Application

chemical tank floor, walls and piping painted grey

Completed Application

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