Chemical Tank Refurbishment

Client: Shipmanagement Company

Industry: Marine

Scope: Chemical Tank Refurbishment

Date: September 2013

Location: Belgium

Products: RE 500P and RW 500


The chemical/oil carrier, operated by a large shipmanagement company, had a requirement for a cargo tank refurbishment (c.1200m²) after the original coating had failed and was showing significant corrosion damage.


The previous failed coating had to be removed to ensure a sound substrate. The new coating system had to withstand a wide range of aggressive chemicals at high temperatures.

Due to the client’s budget and time constraints, a cost-effective alternative surface preparation method to grit blasting had to be considered.

Chemco offered to utilise a combination of water jetting and a solvent-free coating system for the project.

The refurbishment process had to be completed within 10 days.


The original coating was removed by high pressure water jetting to WJ-2 standard.

Chemco’s unique coating system of RE 500P and RW 500 was specified for the project

RE 500P is a solvent-free, rust tolerant epoxy Novolac primer and RW 500 is a solvent-free epoxy Novolac glassflake topcoat.

The following specification was applied:

  • One stripe coat: RE 500P          100µm
  • One full coat: RE 500P              100µm
  • One stripe coat: RW 500           250µm
  • Two full coats: RW 500             250µm


The work programme was successfully completed by Chemco’s approved contractor in 10 days (including 3 days for post-curing).

Substantial time and cost savings were achieved by post-curing to 35ºC instead of the industrial procedure of 70ºC; with the system offering increased life expectancy of the cargo tank as requested by the owner.

All cargo tanks were completed to class standard and certified accordingly.


With the Chemco system being applied to a water-jetted surface, it enabled the job to be completed ahead of schedule in 10 days, instead of 21 days as originally quoted by other contractors:

• Excellent chemical and high temperature resistance
• No grit blasting requirements
• Fast-curing and quick recoating
• Reduced contract duration and downtime
• No major delays
• Ease of decontamination

Before Application

Completed Application

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