Chemical Tank Refurbishment

Client: Shipmanagement Company

Industry: Marine

Scope: Chemical Tank Refurbishment

Date: May-June 2013

Location: Poland

Products: RB 300


A Chemical Tanker had a requirement for cargo tank refurbishment for over 3,500m². The vessel would carry a selection of a very aggressive range of chemicals at high temperature.


Complete failure of the previous lining as supplied by a major paint company had occurred; the usual phenolic epoxy specified and used would not have the resistance and had to be completely removed and a suitable coating applied; the new lining had to be resistant to most acids and alkaline chemicals at high temperature.


Chemco’s new specification was based on a unique chemical resistant coating suitable for full pH range at high temperature as follows:

Surface preparation standard: Grit blast to Sa 2½

Coating: Two coats of Chem-tect™ RB 364 @ 500µ
DFT per coat plus one stripe coat of Chem-tect™ RB 364.

Total DFT: Minimum 1,000µ


The work programme was successfully completed within the requested time-scale and supervised by Chemco technical staff. All the cargo tanks were completed to class standard and certified accordingly to the satisfaction of all concerned.


The advantages of this coating for these cargo tanks was to provide excellent resistant to high temperatures and to a wide range of corrosive chemicals. Fast-curing allowed quicker recoating, fast application and quick return to service. The main advantage of the system is that it can be patch repaired and the repairs are 100% successful.

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