Concrete Tank and Wall Refurbishment

Client: Water Desalination Plant

Industry: Industrial

Scope: Concrete Tank & Wall Refurbishment

Date: November 2017

Location: Australia

Products: RH 800 & RA 500M


The client was looking for a coating system which could be applied to their concrete tanks and walls which could offer excellent resistance to seawater.


Application had to take place whilst there was heavy rain. As a direct result, the concrete walls were continuously wet. The concrete tanks were also located in a confined space, which added to the difficulty of the project.


The concrete tanks and walls were prepared using water jetting. One primer coat of Damp-crete™ RH 800, a solvent-free, wet concrete primer was then applied to the concrete tanks and walls. This was then followed by two coats of solvent-free, wet tolerant, glassflake epoxy Epo-chem™ RA 500M.


The project was successfully completed to the great satisfaction of the client by using this unique solution, only available through the combination of water jetting as the surface preparation method and through Chemco’s innovative coating technology.


• Solvent-free solution
• Products applicable in any environmental condition
• Excellent seawater resistance
• No delays due to adverse weather conditions
• Excellent adhesion to wet substrates
• Coating can ‘continue to cure’ underwater
• Ideal for application in confined spaces
• Substantial time and cost savings

concrete tank filled with scaffold pipes and ladders

Before Surface Preparation

external concrete wall with horizontal pipes above gravel

Completed Application

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