Cooling Water Tank Refurbishment

Client: Petrochemical Plant

Industry: Petrochemical

Scope: Cooling Water Tank Refurbishment

Date: February 2016

Location: UK

Products: RW 500


A cooling water tank was badly corroded with many areas of heavy pitting present after the original conventional paint system had failed. This project was completed by Corroless Eastern.


Due to H&S concerns of applying in a confined space, the use of conventional paint systems were not permissible; therefore a solvent-free system had to be selected. The client was also looking for a system which could provide long-term maintenance-free protection.


Once the existing coating had been removed, the tank was fresh water washed to reduce the soluble salt levels. The tank was then grit blasted to Sa 2½ before two coats of solvent-free, glassflake Novolac epoxy Epo-chem™ RW 500 were applied.


The project was completed on time, with no delays and no disruption to other trades working nearby. By utilising Chemco’s solvent-free solution, the H&S concerns were significantly reduced; ensuring a safe working environment for everyone within the vicinity.


• Solvent-free
• Significantly reduced H&S and Fire Hazard
• No disruption to other works
• Ideal for application in confined space
• Exceptional abrasion and erosion resistance
• No overcoating limitations
• Excellent high temperature and chemical resistance
• Long-term maintenance-free protection

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