Demineralised Water Tank Lining

Client: Bluestar Fibres

Industry: Industrial

Scope: Demineralised Water Tank Lining

Date: April 2012

Location: UK

Products: RB 300


The original vulcanised rubber lining inside of the water tank had started delaminating exposing the steel. This caused the exposed steel to become severely corroded. This project was carried out by Specialist Coatings UK.


To replace the existing rubber lining with a protective coating system capable of withstanding the aggressive atmosphere of a hot demineralised water storage tank. The chemical plant was a high risk area with many flammable processes, therefore the surface preparation and the application of the coating system had to be in a controlled environment. Working within a strict time-frame also added to the difficulty of this project.


Abrasive blast the tank internals to Sa 2.5 standards. Removal of any dust through dust extraction and control equipment, before final sweeping and cleaning by vacuum. Apply 3 coats of Chem-tect™ RB 364 to achieve a DFT between 1,500 to 2,000µ.


The project was completed with no delays and within the allowed 5 working days given by the client. The Chemco system and the speed of the contract was to the satisfaction of all concerned.


• No delays
• Quick turnaround
• Excellent resistance to highly aggressive chemicals and high temperatures

heavily rusted and blistered water tank internals

Before Surface Preparation

water tank internals painted in white/grey

Completed Application

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