Industrial Floor Replacement

The existing ceramic tile floor in the Edrington Distillery had to be replaced with a seamless coating system which has FDA food contact approval in order to comply with new legislation. However, due to cost and time limitations of removing the tiling system, the existing flooring had to be retained.

There were several challenges to complete this project. The production area was not to be closed during the surface preparation and coating application process and there was to be no disruption to the operation or to other ongoing work. This meant that grit blasting could not be utilised; therefore a cost effective surface preparation method of water-jetting was chosen.

A coating system which had excellent adhesion to ceramic tiles had to be chosen, with the added properties that it had to be solvent-free and odourless. The client also gave a limited time frame for completion of the project.

To Chemco the answer was simple. Easi-prime™ RX 500P, a water-based epoxy primer with excellent adhesion to ceramic tiles, was offered as the solution. This was applied @ 100µ DFT followed by one coat of solvent-free, wet tolerant, glassflake topcoat, Epo-chem™ RA 500M @ 200µ DFT by brush and roller.

All work was carried out on time, within budget and with no delays. The client was very satisfied with the outcome of this project and was impressed with the adhesion properties of Easi-prime™  RX 500P.

Utilising the Chemco system gave the client the following benefits:

  • No need to remove existing tiles.
  • Environmentally friendly operation (surface preparation method, use of solvent-free, odourless protective coatings).
  • No disruption to production.
  • Reduced cost and duration of contract.
  • Reduced H&S and Fire Hazard
chemco applicator spraying paint

Before Surface Preparation

chemco applicator spraying paint

Completed Application


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