Multiple Tank Refurbishment – Cruise Ship

Client: Large Cruise Ship Company

Industry: Marine

Scope: Multiple Tank Refurbishment

Date: 2019

Location: Spain

Products: RS 500P, RA 500M, RB 300


One of the world’s largest cruise ships had multiple tanks which were suffering from corrosion and required to be refurbished.

The scope of the project included alkali, effluent, residence and process tanks.


Due to the varied nature of the tanks, there were different internal conditions for each type of tank; ranging from low temperatures and low chemical exposure, to high temperatures and high chemical exposure.


Chemco was able to provide two coating systems which would provide coverage for all tank conditions.

System 1: For Alkali and Effluent tanks

A unique solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant coating system:

• RS 500P
• RA 500M

System 2: For Process and Residence tanks

A 100% solid, highly chemically resistant coating suitable for high temperatures:

• RB 364


All tanks were prepared, coated and successfully returned to service within the agreed scope and time frame given. This was achieved due to the distinct benefits of each Chemco system.


System 1 Benefits (RS 500P & RA 500M) System 2 Benefits (RB 364)
Solvent-free 100% Solid
Wet & rust tolerant Full pH protection (1-14)
Any surface preparation method can be used Excellent chemical resistance
No recoating limitations Excellent temperature resistance
Application in any environmental condition Provides impermeable barrier between coating and substrate
No extensive ventilation or dehumidification requirements Suitable for application in high temperatures
Other work (including hot work) can continue nearby without disruption Fast curing (touch dry in 2-4 hours)
Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray Low maintenance and ease of repair
Reduced H&S concerns and Fire Hazard Quick recoating intervals
Quick back-in-service times Quick back-in-service times
steel tank internals with faded red paint and two holes

Alkali Tank After Surface Preparation

tank internals coated in grey colour

Alkali Tank Completed Application

tank internals with old red and white paint

Effluent Tank After Surface Preparation

grey tank internals with horizontal poles and wooden board

Effluent Tank Completed Application

uncoated tank internals with white writing

Residence Tank After Surface Preparation

tank internals coated in khaki colour

Residence Tank Completed Application

uncoated steel tank internals with vertical pole and ventilation unit

Process Tank After Surface Preparation

tank internals coated in cream colour

Process Tank Completed Application

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