Processing Plant Maintenance

Client: Terrell Gas Plant

Industry: Petrochemical

Scope: Processing Plant Maintenance

Date: November 2017

Location: USA

Products: RL 500PF


A natural gas processing plant was looking for a coating solution to address their CUI and maintenance coating issues. They chose an Absorber FCV Loop (continuously sweating) and two Heat Exchangers to evaluate the coating’s ability to adhere to both wet and dry substrate.


Due to the atmospheric temperatures and a 46°F (8°C) substrate. The Absorber Loop was continuously wet.


All substrates were grit blasted to remove the old alkyd coatings. The sweating surfaces were then fresh water washed to remove grit and other contamination from the surface. Two coats of wet & rust tolerant Epo-chem™ RL 500PF were then applied.


The client was very happy with the performance of the Chemco product; mentioning that the unique capabilities of this product will provide a solution for year round painting of their assets outside of a turnaround.


• Exceptional adhesion to wet and dry surfaces
• Good UV resistance
• Excellent adhesion to mechanically prepared surfaces for areas where grit blasting and water jetting are not feasible
• No downtime between surface preparation and coating application
• No humidity or dew point restrictions
• No re-coating limitations
• Product can be applied and operate at temperatures ranging from 41 – 302°F (5 – 150°C)

large unpainted gas pipes over a dusty floor

Before Application

large gas pipes painted in grey over a dusty floor

Completed Application

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