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Chemco manufacture an extensive range of products designed to meet every corrosion and containment challenge. Chemco offer technical support, including site survey, estimation, inspection and application assistance.

Products can be listed by brand name using the links below.  It is also possible to view products by Application, Industry, Vessel Area or you can use our Product Search. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please use our quick enquiry form to send us an enquiry or use the our locations page to find the closest contact for your country.



500 Series Epoxy & Acrylic Systems

The main range of solvent-free, epoxy, epoxy acrylic and epoxy novolac systems, formulated for metal and concrete substrates.


900 Series High Temperature Systems

Specially designed coatings for application in high temperature environments such as pipes, vessels, chimney stacks, flare stacks etc. Coatings can be applied on hot or cold surfaces (up to 190°C) without the need to shutdown.


300 Series Vinylester Glassflake Systems

Vinylester systems provide outstanding resistance to severe chemical environments and high temperatures.


700 Series Polyurethane Systems

Water-based single pack polyurethane/acrylic hybrid coatings for safety and decorative use.


200 Series Polyester Glassflake Systems

Polyester systems suitable for many applications because they form a tough, highly impermeable barrier to corrosion (resistant to acids, alkalines and many solvents).


800 Series Industrial Flooring Systems

Chemco International’s range of self-levelling, solvent-free flooring systems are designed to withstand heavy traffic loads, chemical attack and can be formulated for many other uses.

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