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500 Series Epoxy & Acrylic Systems

The main range of solvent-free, epoxy, epoxy acrylic and epoxy novolac systems, formulated for metal and concrete substrates.


Epo-chem™ 500 series is based on a range of solvent-free epoxy resins reinforced with screened glassflake that can be applied to metal, concrete and other substrates. They form a durable barrier to weathering, corrosion and temperature. These coatings have excellent, all-round mechanical properties thus making them ideal protection for various installations, plant and equipment.


  • high gloss retention and resistance to chalking
  • outstanding elongation and flexural strength
  • excellent chemical resistance to many acids, alkalines, and aromatic solvents
  • high impact and wear resistance
  • easy-to-use – systems are cold applied
  • multi-purpose
  • user-friendly and environmentally compliant (most are solvent-free, others VOC compliant)
  • outstanding adhesion to moist, even wet substrates
  • systems can be applied during inclement weather, reducing downtime and delays



Underwater Coating System


Ceramic Coatings & Fillers


Water-based Epoxy Safety Coating


Water-based Acrylic Safety Coating


Water-based Epoxy Gloss Top-coat


Water-based Epoxy Matt Top-coat


Water-based Epoxy Universal Primer

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Epo-chem™ 500 Series Products

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In recent years the high cost and environmental impact of grit blasting has forced the industry to look at alternative surface preparation methods. Chemco’s innovative technology enables surfaces to be prepared via mechanical means or high pressure wet jetting.

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