Refrigerated Cargo Tank Refurbishment

Client: Norbulk Shipping

Industry: Marine

Scope: Refrigerated Cargo Tank Refurbishment

Date: December 2009

Location: UK

Products: RA 500M


Shipmanagement company, Norbulk Shipping, required a cost effective system to refurbishment refrigeration vessels that are continually wet. Chemco offer a coating that can cure on wet surfaces and at less cost as no dehumidification equipment is required.


Norbulk Shipping manage a series of high-class refrigeration vessels to carry food stuffs. The hold coatings must be in good condition with FDA approval to carry such cargo. The cargo holds are continually wet due to temperature differential, i.e. heavy condensation and moisture forming on substrates.


Epo-chem™ RA 500M solvent-free, wet tolerant system is FDA approved for carriage of foodstuffs. The main advantage of the system is that it can be applied on wet surfaces, hence no requirement for extensive dehumidification and loss of time to dry the surfaces. One coat @ 200µ DFT was applied without any delay to wet bulkheads. The coating system, with proven high adhesion values on wet surfaces and fast curing properties, allowed quick return-to-service to meet with the charterers’ stringent delivery programs.


The client has now utilised the Epo-chem™ RA 500M system for many years with complete success. The same system is being specified for all refrigeration vessels in the fleet.


• Solvent-free
• Application by crew
• Reduced cost of plant and equipment
• Reduced H&S and Fire Precaution
• Chemco system will protect the steel substrate in excess of 10 years

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