Roof Refurbishment – One Coat System

Client: Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Industry: Industrial

Scope: Roof Refurbishment

Date: June 2016

Location: Philippines

Products: RL 500PF


The roof of a consumer goods warehouse was suffering from corrosion damage and required to be refurbished.

The area for refurbishment covered over 6,000m².


The roof had some leaks which were required to be fixed; grit blasting was not permissible.

Furthermore, application had to take place in relatively high humidity.


The roof was mechanically prepared using wire brushes and abrasive pads.

Despite visible rust remaining on the surface, Chemco was able to specify an appropriate coating system for such reduced preparation standards.

One coat of wet & rust tolerant epoxy RL 500PF was applied to all corroded areas.

The entire roof was then coated with an external roof coating which was specified by the client to give a high gloss finish.


The project was completed quicker than would have been possible using conventional paints; and with no additional delays caused by the high humidity.


  • High Solids, VOC compliant coating
  • One-coat system
  • Wet and rust tolerant
  • No Grit blasting required
  • No humidity or dew point restrictions
  • Can be applied and operated in temperatures up to 150°C
  • Significantly reduced downtime
  • Long-term, maintenance-free performance
several applicators painting roof in grey

During Application

large exposed roof painted in grey

Completed Application

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