Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Refurbishment

Client: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Industry: Marine

Scope: Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Refurbishment

Date: November 2014

Location: Singapore

Products: RS 500P & RA 500M


Chemco Singapore were asked to replace the existing coating systems in the swimming pools and Jacuzzis as they were suffering from corrosion and paint breakdown. It was successfully proposed to the client to utilise Chemco’s revolutionary solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant technology as this system had been previously applied on this vessel’s sister ship, with outstanding results.


Grit blasting and high pressure washing were not permitted due to other major refurbishment work being carried out by other contractors and the ship’s crew in the vicinity. The client also demanded a system that offered a long-term solution which would not require regular maintenance and closure of the swimming pools.


The surfaces were prepared by mechanical preparation to St2-St3 standards. One stripe coat and one primer coat of solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant epoxy Epo-chem™ RS 500P was then applied, followed by two topcoats of solvent-free, wet tolerant epoxy Epo-chem™ RA 500M.


The project was completed on time, within budget and with no disruption to other contractors and the ship’s crew working nearby.


• Solvent-free
• No grit blasting/water blasting
• Significantly reduced contract duration
• Reduced H&S and Fire Precaution
• No humidity or dew point restrictions
• Reduced cost of plant and equipment
• No disruption to other contractors working nearby

cruise ship swimming pool showing severe corrosion

After Surface Preparation

grey painted swimming pool on cruise ship

Primer Complete

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