Swimming Pool Refurbishment – Cruise Ship

Client: Cruise Ship Company

Industry: Marine

Scope: Swimming Pool Refurbishment

Date: October 2017

Location: Germany

Products: RS 500P & RA 500M


The swimming pool on-board a large cruise ship was suffering from corrosion and paint breakdown.

Refurbishment with a new coating solution was required to ensure the pool was operational and aesthetically pleasing for guests onboard.


Due to other maintenance and repair work taking place nearby, grit blasting was not permissible.

The new coating system also had to provide long-term corrosion protection, without the requirement for regular maintenance.

The project had to be completed within a limited time frame, and in a cost-efficient manner.


The surfaces were prepared using a combination of mechanical preparation and water jetting, to St 2 and WJ-3 standards respectively.

One stripe coat and one full coat of solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant epoxy primer RS 500P were then applied; followed by two coats of solvent-free, wet tolerant RA 500M.


The project was completed on time, within budget and with no disruption to other contractors and the ship’s crew working nearby.


• No grit blasting required
• No humidity or dew point restrictions
• Reduced equipment costs and requirements
• Reduce H&S risk
• No disruption to nearby work
• No recoating limitations
• Quick back-in-service times
• Long term performance with minimal maintenance requirements

blue swimming pool steps leading to blue painted pool

Completed Application

large cruise ship swimming pool painted in blue

Completed Application

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