Tugboat Ceramic Coating Repair – MIPC

Client: Port of Antwerp

Industry: Marine

Scope: Tugboat A-frame Repair

Date: 2020

Location: Belgium

Products: RS 500P, RH 500, RP 500


A fleet of tugboats stationed in the Port of Antwerp had been selected for repair works, with one particular vessel chosen for this initial project in 2020.

The repair works involved replacing the old A-frame steel cables with new synthetic cables.

This project was carried out by Marine & Industrial Protective Coating Solutions (MIPC).


In order to protect the cables from scraping over sharp edges, a coating system which could provide exceptional long-term abrasion (and high pressure) resistance was required.

This coating system also had to ensure a smooth surface for the cables to glide over.


The surface was grit blasted to remove the existing coating from the A-frame.

One coat of solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant primer RS 500P was then applied, before the welding seams were ‘flattened out’ by applying solvent-free, ceramic filler RH 500.

Finally, two coats of solvent-free, ceramic coating RP 500 were applied.


The project was successfully completed on time, within budget and with further vessels earmarked for the same coating repair system in future.


• Exceptional abrasion and erosion resistance
• Extremely hardwearing
• Exceptional chemical resistance
• Smooth finish
• Improved efficiency

Before Application

Completed Application

Completed Application

Completed Application

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