Water Feature Externals Refurbishment

Client: Tills Innovations

Industry: Industrial

Scope: Water Feature Externals Refurbishment

Date: January 2017

Location: UK

Products: RA 500M, RH 500 & RC 500GTC 


The existing coating had blistered as a direct result of an incorrect coating specification for an immersed environment.


The existing coating had to be completely removed as it had failed and was showing poor adhesion to the substrate. The project also had to be completed within a short time frame given by the client.


The surfaces were prepared by sponge blasting. This was followed by one coat of solvent-free, wet tolerant epoxy Epo-chem™ RA 500M. Ceram-chem™ RH 500 was then applied to all pitted areas. To complete the coating application, two coats of high UV and chemically resistant epoxy acrylic topcoat Epo-chem™ RC 500GTC was applied.


The project was successfully completed within the given time frame. Chemco’s specification is suitable for application within an immersed environment. Epo-chem™ RC 500GTC also offers excellent chemical resistant and colour stability.


• No delays
• Suitable for use in an immersed environment
• High gloss finish
• Exceptional chemical resistance
• Excellent UV resistance
• Long-lasting colour retention

cleaned but unpainted water feature external on scaffolding

Before Application

refurbished water feature external painted in blue and silver on scaffolding

Completed Application

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