Fast-guard™ RN 500RC

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Single pack, water-based acrylic roof coating.

Fast-guard™ RN 500RC is a water-based acrylic coating which has been specifically designed for roof applications. The coating offers outstanding exterior durability and UV resistance. A long lasting coating with low temperature flexibility and excellent resistance to impact.

Application of RN 500RC

Primary Features:

  • Multi-purpose, breathable, solvent-free (low odour), water-based acrylic coating
  • Specially designed as a roof coating
  • Very adaptable and user friendly
  • No overcoating limitations
  • Oustanding exterior durability
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Exceptional adhesion to difficult substrates
  • Excellent protection against carbonation

Data Sheets

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RN 500RC's Properties

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Primary duties Roof coating
Primary characteristics Flexible at low temperature
Low/No odour
Maximum humidity 70%
Volume solids 62%
UV resistant
Maximum immersed temperature °C
Maximum non-immersed temperature °C
Minimum time to touch dry 1.5 hrs
Maximum overcoat time Unlimited
Typical dry film thickness (dft) per coat 250-500µ
Colour range available Full range of colours is available

RN 500RC's Case Histories

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The table below shows the 5 most recent case histories for this product. You can view the entire case history for this product by clicking here.

Company Location Job Description Industry Date of Job
Alcotec Belgium Roof Coating Industrial 08/2016
CSC (SEA) Singapore Roof Coating (Main Coat) Industrial 02/2015
Tractor Exports UK Roof coating Industrial 09/2011
CTG Surface Protection UK Roof coating Distribution 10/2010

RN 500RC's Related Case Studies

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Company/Industry Location Date of Job
Roof Refurbishment - Henry Park Primary School Singapore 06-2014