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Metal Repair & Replacement


Chemco have developed a range of non-flammable, styrene-free metal repair compounds. They do not require any special ventilation during application and do not emit solvents. They are ideal replacements for styrene-containing polyester and vinylester repair systems in most circumstances.



High Build Repair/Replacement Putty

RH 500 is a solvent-free ceramic filler.

It is specifically formulated to rebuild all types of fluid flow equipment as well as for general-purpose rebuild, fillings and repairs.


Hard-wearing Topcoat

ceramic blue propeller blades

RP 500 is a solvent-free ceramic coating.

Its is specifically formulated to resist very aggressive fluid flow environments.


Ceramic Topcoat

tank internals painted orange

RU 500 is a solvent-free, high temperature ceramic coating.

It is formulated to resist high temperature, aggressive chemical and fluid flow environments.


High Temperature Epoxy Putty

chemco applicator spraying paint

RE 900 is a solvent-free, epoxy coating.

It is specifically designed as a high temperature putty utilised to fill cavities, cracks and heavy pitting.


Solvent-free Ceramic Epoxy

RF 900 is a solvent-free, high temperature resistant epoxy coating.

It has been specifically designed for application in very aggressive fluid flow environments and immersed conditions.

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