Vessel Areas
Topsides and Boottop


Chemco offer three main coating solutions for topside and boottop applications; two of which utilise a UV resistant colour topcoat, and one which favours a solvent-free ceramic epoxy topcoat.

Each solution works in combination with one of two primers.



UV-resistant, Acrylic Colour Topcoat

RC 500GTC is a solvent-based, epoxy acrylic colour topcoat.

This special high gloss topcoat has exceptional chemical and UV resistance for exposed surfaces where colour retention, high gloss and a decorative finish are required.

This system works in combination with either of the following primer options:


Hard-wearing Ceramic Topcoat

ceramic blue propeller blades

RP 500 is a solvent-free ceramic coating.

It is specifically formulated to resist very aggressive fluid flow environments.

This topcoat is used in combination with RS 500P as the primer.

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