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Chemical Cargo Tank Linings


Chemco offer three chemical cargo tank lining coating systems specifically designed for application within chemical tankers, covering the full pH range from 1-14.



Solution 1:

  • Solvent-free
  • Wet & rust tolerant
  • Reduced H&S and Fire Hazard
  • Excellent resistance to general chemicals
  • Major cost savings (reduced labour, surface preparation and equipment cost)
  • No humidity or dew point restrictions
  • Compatible with all epoxy shop primers and existing tank linings

Solution 2:

  • Solvent-free
  • Any surface preparation method can be utilised;
    abrasive blasting, water jetting or mechanical
  • Excellent chemical and high temperature resistance
  • Reduced H&S and Fire Hazard
  • Reduced overall project cost and downtime
  • Environmentally friendly system

Solution 3:

  • Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures
  • Ideal tank lining system for multi-purpose chemical storage vessels
  • Excellent resistance to thermal ageing, severe corrosive and abrasive environments
  • Full pH protection (1 – 14)
  • Maintenance-free and easy to repair
  • Fast curing allowing quick overcoating, fast application and quick back-in-service times


Solvent-Free, Wet & Rust Tolerant System

RS 500P is a solvent-freewet & rust tolerant primer or primer-finish epoxy coating system. The system’s long-term performance is based on completely sealing the surface (porous-free film) and arresting the rust totally.

RA 500M is a solvent-free, wet tolerant and highly chemical resistant glassflake epoxy single/topcoat.

RS 500P and RA 500M combine to make a multi-functional, groundbreaking coating system which provides good resistance to general chemicals; crude oil, refined oil, saltwater and greywater.

This coating system has a temperature resistance of up to 60°C in immersed conditions.


Solvent-free, Rust Tolerant, High Temperature Glassflake System

Epo-chem™ RE 500P and RW 500 form a solvent-free, rust tolerant, high temperature glassflake epoxy Novolac coating system.

This coating system offers excellent resistance to highly aggressive chemicals, such as ethanol, methanol and caustic soda.

It has a temperature resistance of up to 125°C in immersed conditions.


100% Solid Glassflake Vinylester System

RB 300 is a 100% solid, high quality, glassflake vinylester coating system.

This coating offers exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals at the highest temperatures, acids and solvents.

It offers a temperature resistance of up to 155°C in immersed conditions.

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