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Vessel Areas
Internal Corridors & Flooring


Chemco have developed a range of innovative, user friendly, solvent-free and water-based protective floor coatings that are hard wearing, chemically resistant and can be made in any colour. Unlike traditional floor paint systems, they do not contain harmful solvents and are non-flammable with very little or no odour.



Solvent-Free, Wet & Rust Tolerant System

RS 500P is a solvent-freewet & rust tolerant primer or primer-finish epoxy system. The system’s long-term performance is based on completely sealing the surface (porous-free film) and arresting the rust totally.

RA 500M is a solvent-free, wet tolerant and highly chemical resistant glassflake epoxy single/topcoat.

RS 500P and RA 500M combine to make a multi-functional, groundbreaking system which is suited for internal floors and corridors.


Solvent-free, Water-based Floor Coating

application of red paint to vessel flooring

RX 800 is a solvent-free, water-based protective floor coating.

It is suitable for application in environments where solvents would be hazardous or have a detrimental affect upon the operating process of products.


Solvent-free, Self-levelling Floor Coating

glossy white painted floor in car showroom

RG 800 is a solvent-free, 100% solid, self-levelling floor coating.

It forms a tough, hard-wearing, high gloss finish with excellent colour stability.

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