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Potable Water Tank Coatings


Potable water tanks are usually situated in difficult access areas, making them challenging to maintain and refurbish.

Chemco’s solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant coating system is designed to allow for fast, easy and odourless application meaning nearby operations (including hot work) can be continued in a safe, cost-effective and convenient manner without disruption.

This unique tank lining system offers very good chemical resistance, and has achieved the following approvals for application in potable water tanks:

  • NSF certified for potable water applications
  • FDA approved for food contact and potable water



  • Solvent-free
  • Wet & rust tolerant
  • Significantly reduced Health & Safety and Fire Hazard
  • No recoating limitations
  • No extensive requirements for dehumidification or ventilation
  • NSF Certified for potable water applications
  • FDA potable water compliant
  • Suitable for all water tanks, including grey water, oil settling and mud tanks
  • Fast cure with quick back-in-service times


Solvent-Free, Wet & Rust Tolerant System

RS 500P is a solvent-freewet & rust tolerant primer or primer-finish epoxy coating system. The system’s long-term performance is based on completely sealing the surface (porous-free film) and arresting the rust totally.

RA 500M is a solvent-free, wet tolerant and highly chemical resistant glassflake epoxy single/topcoat.

RS 500P and RA 500M combine to make a multi-functional, groundbreaking coating system which is perfect suited to potable water tanks.

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