Chemco Client Services

Providing Specialist Coating Solutions & Consultancy to Companies Worldwide

Specialist Coatings Consultancy

Our specialist coating advisers work with clients to understand their individual needs and can recommend the right coating solution for their application to maximise protection and minimise application times, reducing downtime and costs.

On-site Technical Support

In-house application teams and contractors can often require guidance on challenging applications. We are able to send our own coating specialists to provide dedicate on-site technical support anywhere in the world.

Full Project

Our specialists not only work with clients to formulate the right solution for their application, we are also able to supervise surface preparation and can provide
on-site technical support to ensure the job is completed to the highest of standards.

Technical Support & Client Services

Get advice, specialist technical support or info on our dedicated project management service.

Chemco Benefits

Advanced Surface Preparation

Chemco’s innovative Wet & Rust Tolerant solutions can be applied to water jetted surfaces and avoid the need for costly and time consuming grit blasting.

Reduced Environmental Impact

By utilising solvent-free coatings, environmental impact and health & safety concerns are significantly reduced.

Significant Time & Cost Savings

The unique combination of water jetting and Chemco’s solvent-free coating solutions ensure considerable time & cost savings.

Supporting Global Industries

Chemco specialise in the design and manufacture of the most advanced polymers for cutting-edge anti-corrosion coatings utilised worldwide.  We lead the way in protective & marine coatings whilst retaining our strong focus on innovative & environmentally friendly coating solutions.










Contact Our Specialist Coating Advisors

Our coating specialists can suggest the right solution for your specific application.