Ceramic Pump Wheel Refurbishment

Client: Agricultural Company

Industry: Industrial

Scope: Ceramic Pump Wheel Refurbishment

Date: June 2016

Location: Belgium

Products: RP 500


The rotating pump wheel used as part of a larger sprinkler system for feeding crops was suffering from corrosion and erosion damage, causing the efficiency of the system to drop.

To operate safely and efficiently, the pump required to be refurbished.


The chosen coating solution had to effectively withstand a highly abrasive, fluid-flow environment and provide long term protection from corrosion and erosion damage.


The surface was prepared using grit blasting to achieve a surface profile of 75μm.

Three coats of solvent-free ceramic coating RP 500 were then applied.

The machinable qualities of RP 500 ensured this coating system was able to achieve the desired thickness/protection and remove the requirement for a new synthetic wear ring on the pump.


The pump wheel returned to full operation with improved efficiency due to the protection provided by the new ceramic coating system.


• Excellent abrasion and erosion resistance
• Suitable for repair work on all types of fluid-flow equipment
• Easy to apply / Machinable ceramic coating
• No recoating limitations
• Provides long-term corrosion protection

rusted ceramic pump wheel

Original Conditions

unpainted ceramic pump wheel after surface preparation

After Surface Preparation

ceramic pump wheel coated in blue paint

Completed Application

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