Underwater Lagoon Repair – South Africa

Client: Freshwater Lagoon Owner

Industry: Industrial

Scope: Underwater Refurbishment

Date: 2019

Location: South Africa

Products: RA 500UW-LV

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The large freshwater lagoon (c.40,000m2) in South Africa required to be refurbished with a coating solution that would provide long-term corrosion protection.


It was decided that the greatest time and cost efficiencies would be achieved by carrying out the coating application without removing the water from the lagoon.

As a result, the chosen coating solution had to be applied underwater whilst ensuring the required adhesion, corrosion protection and without contaminating the water in any way.


Chemco’s Diver-cote™ RA 500UW-LV was identified as the only viable coating solution on the market which could fulfill the application.

The underwater surface was prepared using a combination of water jetting and mechanical tooling which removed all prior coating/algae and created a suitable surface profile.

RA 500UW-LV was then applied to a thickness of 400μm using both brushing and power brushing.


The solvent-free, wet tolerant properties of the Chemco system allowed the coating application to be completed quickly and efficiently, with the lagoon returning to full service within the given timeframe.


• Wet tolerant
• Glassflake-reinforced for exceptional abrasion resistance
• Eco-friendly application with little dispersion in water
• Excellent adhesion to minimal surface preparation
• Excellent abrasion and erosion resistance
• Long-term, maintenance free performance
• No recoating limitations

Original Conditions

Original Conditions

Original Conditions

During Underwater Application

During Underwater Application

During Underwater Application

Freshwater Lagoon

Lagoon Overview

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