Impeller Repair – Seawater Process Pump

Client: ITT

Industry: Offshore

Scope: Impeller Refurbishment – Seawater Process Pump

Date: June 2012

Location: Australia

Products: RB 300, RS 500P & RP 500


A sea water process pump had a heavily corroded bronze impeller which required to be refurbished. The lead time on a new impeller was 12 weeks, therefore repairing the damaged impeller was the only option until the new impeller arrived. This project was carried out by Corrosion Control Services, Australia.


Upon blasting the impeller, there was severe material loss to the body and vanes. This project also had a very short time frame for completion, with a lot of rebuilding and shaping to perform.


Grit blasting the impeller to SA 2.5 standards to achieve a surface profile of 75µ. Utilise Chem-tect™ RB 300 series for priming and rebuilding the wear ring landings, vanes and body of the impeller. Upon completion of the rebuild, prime the impeller using Epo-chem™ RS 500P @ 75µ DFT, followed by a topcoat of Ceram-chem™ RP 500 @ 400µ DFT.


This project was completed within 4 days, much quicker than was anticipated by the client. The repair of the impeller utilising the Chemco system was so good that the repaired impeller is still in service after 18 months with the new impeller acting as a spare.


• No major delays
• Reduced downtime
• Very smooth, high gloss finish
• Damaged impeller repaired to “as good as new” condition
• High abrasive resistant system

unpainted process pump impeller

Before Surface Preparation

process pump impeller painted in blue and white

Completed Application

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