Ballast Tank Refurbishment – Products Oil Tanker

Client: Shipmanagement Company

Industry: Marine

Scope: Ballast Tank Refurbishment

Date: 2021

Location: China

Products: RS 500P and RA 500M


The ballast tanks on board a large products oil tanker were suffering from corrosion and required to be refurbished.

Each tank was to be treated with a new coating solution which would provide long-term protection from further corrosion.


Due to the enclosed and hard-to-reach nature of many of the corroded areas, grit blasting was not permissible during surface preparation.

A coating system which could be applied on large, minimally-prepared areas was required.


All tanks were prepared using a combination of water jetting and mechanical power tooling, to WJ-3 and St 3 standards respectively.

For selected repair areas, one stripe coat and one full coat of solvent-free, wet and rust tolerant coating
RS 500P was applied at 100μm.

This was followed by one coat of solvent-free, wet tolerant and glassflake-reinforced coating RA 500M at 250μm.


The project was completed within the given timeframe, with all ballast tanks ready for a return to service.


• Solvent-free
• Wet & rust tolerant
• Can be applied on minimally-prepared surfaces
• No humidity or dew points restrictions
• No recoating limitations
• Quick return-to-service
• Improved Health & Safety and reduced risk of Fire Hazard

Original Conditions

Original Conditions

During Surface Preparation

During Surface Preparation

During Stripe Coating

During Stripe Coating

Completed Application

Completed Application

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