Pre-load Tanks Refurbishment

Client: Seadrill

Industry: Offshore

Scope: Pre-load Tanks Refurbishment

Date: January 2014

Location: Mexico

Products: RS 500P & RA 500M


Two pre-load tanks on Seadrill’s West Defender platform required a full refurbishment as the existing soft coating systems had failed and were showing signs of severe corrosion.


Firstly, the existing required to be removed.

Grit blasting was not permissible/feasible, therefore an alternative surface preparation method had to be specified.

Working within a restricted timeframe also added to the difficulties of this project.


Both pre-load tanks were specified with the exact same surface preparation method and coating system.

The original soft coating was initially scrapped and degreased before UHP water blasting was carried out.

One stripe coat of solvent-free, wet and rust tolerant epoxy RS 500P was applied followed by one full primer coat of RS 500P @ 100µm.

The coating application was completed by applying one coat of solvent-free, glassflake epoxy topcoat RA 500M @ 250µm.


The tanks were completed with no delays to the project and much quicker than was anticipated by the client.

The Chemco system and the speed of the contract was to the satisfaction of all concerned.


• No grit blasting required
• Reduced H&S concerns and risk of Fire Hazard
• Reduced overall cost and downtime
• Reduced cost of plant and equipment
• No humidity or dew point restrictions
• No disruption to other nearby work

internal tank walls showing heavy rust

After Surface Preparation

internal tank walls painted in grey

Completed Application

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