Jetty Steel Pile Refurbishment – ASG

Client: Local Government 

Industry: Marine

Scope: Jetty Steel Pile Refurbishment

Date: October/November 2018

Location: The Netherlands

Products: RS 500P, RA 500M & RA 500UW-LV

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The exposed steel piles underneath a jetty required a corrosion protection system which would provide long term preservation of the piles and their performance as part of the overall jetty structure.


Due to environmental concerns, and proximity of the jetty to the sea, grit blasting was not permissible.

The new coating system had to ensure long term corrosion protection without the need for significant ongoing maintenance. The project had to be completed in a time & cost efficient manner, whilst exposed to variable weather conditions.


The surfaces were prepared using a combination of mechanical preparation and high-pressure water jetting to 500 bar. The following coatings were then applied:

Above Waterline:
• RS 500P (Primer)
• RA 500M (Topcoat)

Below Waterline:
• RS 500P (Primer)
• RA 500UW-LV (Topcoat)


The technical and environmental benefits of the chosen system allowed the project to be completed on time and within budget.

After 6 months in operation, the steel piles were inspected and were shown to be in excellent condition with no sign of paint damage or corrosion.


• Solvent-free
• No grit blasting required
• No humidity or dew point restrictions
• Reduced equipment costs and requirements
• Reduced Health & Safety Risk
• No disruption to nearby work
• No re-coating limitations
• Long term performance with minimal maintenance requirements
• RA 500UW-LV is specifically designed for underwater areas
• Provides a high-gloss, aesthetically-pleasing finish
• Ensures minimal paint dispersion during application

Before Application

After Application of Primer

Completed Application

After 6 Months in Operation

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