Who Are We?

Chemco International is a world leader in innovative coating solutions with over 30 years experience in manufacturing high quality, problem solving, speciality coatings and polymers for the Protective & Marine Coatings Industry.

Our unique coating systems consist of solvent-free, solvent & water-borne technology. They have been successfully utilised as a solution to a wide range of anti-corrosion problems across all industries: Industrial, Marine, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Offshore, Oil & Gas and Food & Beverage.

Our solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant range of coatings has over 10 years of successful track records and have truly revolutionised the coatings industry. Environmental concern and high costs of grit blasting has now forced the industry to move towards more environmentally friendly water blasting. Chemco’s innovative technology now makes such ideas a reality. Major cost savings can now also be achieved through the reduced equipment requirements and contract duration.

These are the coatings of the future; not only do they comply with Health & Safety and Environmental legislations, they surpass them. It is our aim to provide the coatings industry with the most advanced technology in the market, whilst extending service life, reducing environmental damage, maintenance and repair costs.

The company operates through branches in the UK, Singapore and Australia and have an experienced network of distributors and agents worldwide.

Recent News...


    Coating trials carried out on stainless steel pipelines has seen Chemco's Epo-chem™ RL 500PF outperform its competitors.

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    Chemco International attended today's DMEM Industrial Presentations Day at the University of Strathclyde.

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    A project requiring thirteen ballast tanks to be completely refurbished resulted in huge time and cost savings being achieved by utilising our revolutionary solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant coating system.

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    The Dubai Electricity and Water Company recently had refurbishment requirements of their pipelines for over 4,000m².

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Wet & Rust Tolerant Technology

Our focus on innovative coating solutions has led to the development of our groundbreaking, Solvent-free, Wet & Rust Tolerant protective coating system. This is a two-coat system which comprises of:

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