Who Are We?

Chemco International have manufactured a range of high quality, innovative, problem solving, speciality coatings and polymers over the past 30 years. Most of these systems are state of the art technology and unique to industry.

In recent years, these systems have proven very successful and although they are of new technologies, they have more than 10 years successful track record; almost all major oil companies, petrochemicals, off-shore, marine, power generation, water and sewage industries, etc. have been using and specifying these systems with complete success worldwide. Chemco’s new, solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant range of coatings have revolutionised the industry. Environmental concern and high costs of grit blasting has now forced the industry to move towards more environmentally friendly water blasting. These products can now make such ideas a reality. Major cost reductions can now be achieved through the reduction of equipment and contract duration.

These are the coatings of the future; not only do they comply with all Health & Safety and Environmental legislations, but surpass them. Most of Chemco new generation coatings are solvent-free and water-based technology.

Application Highlight

Structural Coatings

Chemco has developed products that: Are Ideal for cost-effective and quick protection for large external structures A solution which has been designed to require only one coat onto hand prepared surfaces VOC compliant and wet tolerant.

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Certificates & Approvals

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Data Sheets & Specifications

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