RW 500

Solvent-free, epoxy Novolac protective coating.


Epo-chem™ RW 500 is a solvent-free, epoxy Novolac protective coating that can be utilised as a topcoat/finish in one or more coats to most substrates. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as a lining for tanks, vessels, pipes and chimneys.

This coating is also suited for application in chemical tanks when rust tolerant Epo-chem™ RE 500P is used as a primer. This lining system offers excellent resistance to high temperatures and highly aggressive chemicals.


  • Solvent-free
  • Outstanding protection to metal and concrete substrates
  • Forms a durable barrier resistant to abrasion, erosion and thermal shock
  • Specifically designed for the most aggressive combination of high temperature and chemical environments in immersed conditions
  • Available in hand/trowel grades for optimum protection from the most aggressive environments
  • Recommended for internal protection of tanks, vessels, separators, flue gas desulphurisation units, chimneys, pipes and equipment operating at high temperature
  • Zero VOC
  • May be applied on one or more coats to most substrates
  • Also available in spray grade to offer the customer a complete system’s solution to hostile cyclic wet and dry chemical environments
  • Exceptional chemical tanker corrosion protection system when primed with Epo-chem™ RE 500P to produce a solvent-free tank lining system for carrying highly aggressive chemicals

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