Epo-chem™ RS 500P

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Two pack solvent-free, wet and rust tolerant epoxy primer.

Epo-chem RS 500P is a solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant primer or primer-finish epoxy system. The use of special sacrificial fillers enables the system to be applied to surface standards as low as WJ-4, St 2. The system’s long-term performance is based on completely sealing (porous-free film) and arresting the rust totally.

It is typically applied as a 1-coat system which can be over coated by itself or with the topcoat Epo-chem™ RA 500M.

Acts as an excellent multi-purpose tank lining system when topcoated with RA 500M for the following tank applications:

Sea Water Ballast (Lloyd's Register & ABS Approved) Crude Oil (ABS Certified)
Potable Water (NSF & FDA Certified) Refined Oil (Diesel/Petrol)
Grey/Black Water Cargo (Food Contact Approval)
Sewage Mud/Brine


Applying RS 500P  on a sweating and wet substrate

Primary Features:

  • Solvent-free (odourless), wet & rust tolerant primer or primer-finish epoxy system
  • Tested and Certified by NSF for fresh drinking water applications. Epo-chem™ RA 500 or RA 500M is used as the topcoat
  • Flexibility on the surface preparation standards or method, i.e. the most convenient method depending on availability or cost, e.g. grit blast, wet blast, HP water jetting (500-800 bars), UHP or mechanical (St 2 - St 3)
  • Can be applied directly on top of shop primers
  • Apply in any environmental condition, no humidity restrictions - can be applied on sweating and soaking wet substrates
  • Extensively used for internal tank linings, ballast tanks or confined spaces
  • No overcoating limitations
  • No requirements for dehumidification, ventilation or heating (substantial cost savings)
  • Reduced H&S and Fire Precaution
  • Long-term corrosion protection (new MIO-Zinc technology)
  • Excellent adhesion to rusty or poorly prepared and wet surfaces (>1200psi)
  • One coat (without the topcoat) protects the substrate in excess of 10 years (independent test certificates available)
  • Zero VOC, no fire hazard or odour
  • Can be applied as a single high-build coat (up to 250 microns per coat)
  • Can be utilised for outside contracts in inclement weather condition reducing downtime
  • Very good workability and easy to apply by brush, roller or spray
  • Ideal as a repair system on existing coatings as it is compatible with almost all protective coatings, including coal-tar epoxies
  • Sufficient UV resistance and colour stability; can be overcoated with coloured topcoats
Application on a rusty surface in a ballast tank  Application on a rusty surface  Application directly on shop primed surface

RS 500P's Properties

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Primary duties Solvent-free primer
Primary characteristics Wet & Rust tolerant. NSF Certified for fresh drinking water applications
Low/No odour
Maximum humidity There are no humidity or dew point restrictions
Volume solids 100%
UV resistant  
Maximum immersed temperature 60°C
Maximum non-immersed temperature °C
Minimum time to touch dry 8 hrs
Maximum overcoat time Unlimited
Typical dry film thickness (dft) per coat 150µ
Colour range available Limited range of colours is available

RS 500P's Case Histories

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The table below shows the 5 most recent case histories for this product. You can view the entire case history for this product by clicking here.

Company Location Job Description Industry Date of Job
Alfred Bagnall & Sons West Yorkshire, UK Structural Coating Industrial 11/2017
Remontowa Shiprepair Yard Gdansk, Poland Ballast Tank Coating Marine 11/2017
International Marine Services Panamax Sterling Ballast Tank Coating Marine 11/2017
Liquasil UK Roof Coating Industrial 11/2017
Wood Group UK Structural Coating Petrochemical 11/2017

RS 500P's Related Case Studies

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The table below shows the most recent case studies for this product.

Company/Industry Location Date of Job
Sewage Tank Refurbishment - Superyacht Owners Marseille, France 03-2017
Wastewater Tank Internals - Wastewater Treatment Plant Peterhead, Scotland 02-2017
Floating Pipeline Refurbishment - Courtesy of MIPC Belgium 09-2016
Ballast to Potable Water Tank Conversion - Towage Vessel The Netherlands 06-2016
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - Canary Wharf Pontoon London, England 12-2015
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - Riding Crew - Crude Oil Tanker Mediterranean Sea 12-2015
Ballast Tank Refurbishments - Crude Oil Tankers (Riding Squads) At Sea 12-2015
Sand Filter Internals - Water Desalination Plants Egypt 06-2015
Pipeline Internals - Storr Loch Power Station Isle of Skye, Scotland 05-2015
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - Stena Companion Antwerp, Belgium 03-2015
Potable Water Tanks Patch Repair - Support Station 3 Singapore 03-2015
Pipeline Externals - Dubai Electricity and Water Company Dubai 01-2015
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - Romulus Barge Rotterdam, Netherlands 11-2014
Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Refurbishment - Voyager of the Seas Singapore 11-2014
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - MT Eagle Anaheim China 09-2014
Chemical Storage Tank Relining - Courtesy of Tryton Designs UK 09-2014
Funnel Refurbishment - MV Stubnitz Germany 08-2014
Cargo Tank Refurbishment - MT Forth Fisher Ireland 06-2014
Sweating Pipes Refurbishment - Petrobras Brazil 05-2014
Hovercraft Buoyancy Tanks - Courtesy of Tryton Designs UK 05-2014
Swimming Pool Refurbishment - Navigator of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Cruises Bermuda 02-2014
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - SH 37 Barge - Canary Wharf Contractors Canary Wharf , London 01-2014
Duplex Strainer Refurbishment - Esso - Courtesy of Tryton Designs Fawley Refinery 01-2014
Pre-load Tanks Refurbishment - West Defender Platform Mexico 01-2014
Aerobic Reactor Refurbishment - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 12-2013
Potable Water Tank Repair (School Sports Hall) - Courtesy of Specialist Coatings UK 10-2013
Grey Water Tank Refurbishment - Cruise Ship At Sea 10-2013
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - MV AUXIS South Africa 10-2013
Dock Valve Relining - Sulzer & DF Coating - Courtesy of Tryton Designs Shoreham Docks 09-2013
Sweating Pipeline Refurbishment - Enbridge Offshore Gulf of Mexico 09-2013
Fan Impeller Refurbishment - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 09-2013
Balcony Refurbisment - P&O (Carnival) Bremerhaven, Germany 09-2013
Ballast, Diesel Fuel & Potable Water Tanks Refurbishment - Rowan Companies UAE 07-2013
Air Intake Floor Relining - Centrica - Courtesy of Tryton Designs Killingholme Power Station 07-2013
Aluminium Void Tank Refurbishment - Bourbon Offshore Asia Singapore & Indonesia 06-2013
Kort Nozzle & Rudder Refurbishment - MV Arco Arun Antwerp, Belgium 05-2013
Penstock Relining - Portsmouth Naval Docks - Courtesy of Tryton Designs Portsmouth, UK 05-2013
Potable Water Tank Repair (Scarborough Hotel) - Courtesy of Specialist Coatings UK 01-2013
Deck Refurbishment - Offshore Platform Thailand 12-2012
New Build (Shop Primer) - MV Lerrix UK 12-2012
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - MSC America Istanbul 11-2012
Air Intake Silencer Aft & Manifold Floors Relining - Centrica - Courtesy of Tryton Designs Langage Power Station 11-2012
Potable Water Tank Repair (Basingstoke Hotel) - Courtesy of Specialist Coatings UK 10-2012
Impeller Refurbishment - Seawater Process Pump - Courtesy of CCS Australia 06-2012
Bellmouth Relining - SSE - Courtesy of Tryton Designs Keadby Power Station 05-2012
Potable Water Tanks Refurbishment - Cruise Vessel UK 03-2012
Heat Exchanger Vessel - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 02-2012
Potable Water Tank Repair (Harrogate Hotel) - Courtesy of Specialist Coatings UK 01-2012
Coal-tar Epoxy Patch Repair - Medi Tokyo UAE 12-2011
Conveyor, Pipe Tunnels & Bulkhead Refurbishment - Yeoman Bontrup Poland 10-2011
Column Pump Repair - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 04-2011
Potable Water Tank Repair (London Hospital) - Courtesy of Specialist Coatings UK 04-2011
Oil Cooler Water Box Repair - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 08-2010
Ammonia Pipelines Refurbishment - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 07-2010
Hot Air Impeller Repair - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 04-2010
Diesel Fuel Tank Lining - Niugini Oil Company Papua New Guinea 02-2010
Turbine Hall Refurbishment - Fiddlers Ferry - Scottish & Southern Energy Fiddlers Ferry, United Kingdom 01-2010
Soft Coating Removal & Ballast Tank Refurbishment - Transocean - Harvey H Ward Sembawang Shipyard, Singapore 12-2009
Cargo Hold Refurbishment - Ore Timbopeba China 09-2009
Jetty Steel Piles Refurbishment - Belfast Harbour Authority NI, United Kingdom 09-2009
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - Dr Bird Generator Barge - Jamaica Energy Partners Jamaica 05-2009
Deck Refurbishment - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 04-2009
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 04-2009
Bridge Refurbishment - Road Bridge - Midlothian Council United Kingdom 04-2009
Steel Clarifier Revamp - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 02-2009
Coal-tar Epoxy Patch Repair - Yeoman Bridge Poland 12-2008
Cruise Ship Refurbishment - Arcadia - P&O (Carnival) Arcadia Vessel 12-2008
Effluent Tank Refurbishment - HMS Bristol - Royal Navy HMS Bristol, United Kingdom 12-2008
Thrusters Tunnel & A-frame Refurbishment - Euroships United Kingdom 08-2008
External Underground Tank Refurbishment - Rugeley Power Station Rugeley Power Station 05-2008
Deck Refurbishment - Aquae - Norbulk Aquae Vessel, Europe 03-2008
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - Talisman FPSO Malaysia 01-2008
Ballast Tank Refurbishment - Janice Oil Platform - Talisman Energy Janice Oil Platform - North Sea UK 09-2005
Cooling Water Pump Refurbishment - Alcotec Belgium 07-2001

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